Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Digital Product Strategy and Consulting
Rev Up Your Business Engine with More Effective Engagement Strategies
Improve user activation, retention, referrals and revenue through integrated engagement strategies and applied game design.

Customer Conversion Funnel

We know product strategy, lean development, data-driven design, social gaming, and cloud business services; and have experience deploying products in social media, mobile, IPTV, and consumer internet environments. Contact me to find out how we can help your business.


“Ken is terrific: smart, thoughtful, thorough, organized. Moreover, he gets along with everyone. He's a team player who would work very effectively in both large and small organizations.”

- Warren Packard, CEO, Thuuz.com

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Fastpoint Games

“One of the most strategically thoughtful team members with which I've had the pleasure to work. Ken constantly over delivers and makes everyone around him better. I want to work with him again!”

- Kelly Perdew, CEO, Fastpoint Games

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IBM Corporation

“Kenneth's knowledge of the Services environment was a huge attribute to our team. He was always willing to take on additional projects and could maintain a high level of quality..."

- Kasey Litt, IT Architect, IBM Corporation

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