Here's what a few of the people I've work with have said about me.


“Ken is terrific: smart, thoughtful, thorough, organized. Moreover, he gets along with everyone. He's a team player who would work very effectively in both large and small organizations.”

- Warren Packard, CEO, Thuuz and Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
“One of the most strategically thoughtful team members with which I've had the pleasure to work. Ken constantly over delivers and makes everyone around him better. I want to work with him again!”

- Kelly Perdew, CEO, Fastpoint Games and Winner of the 2nd season of The Apprentice
“Ken is the smartest guy I've ever met. Meticulous in details and excellence in all he does. I cannot imagine a better teammate than Ken.”

- David Wu, Founder, Sports Composite DE, Inc.
“Hands down Ken is a tremendous leader and is simply brilliant. Ken brings a world of experience and excellence to the table and is never afraid to get his hands dirty. I learned volumes through my experience working with Ken and enjoyed myself during the process. Working with Ken is a very valuable experience and if the opportunity to work with him arrives I would strongly recommend doing so.”

- Nathan Winters, Product Manager, Fastpoint Games
“Kenneth's knowledge of the Services environment was a huge attribute to our team. He was always willing to take on additional projects and could maintain a high level of quality. Kenneth's international experience gave him a unique perspective to problem solving. Kenneth would be a winning addition to any team.”

- Kasey Litt, IT Architect/Requirements Lead, IBM/Siebel Solution Design Team