The Burma Road (1938-1945)

Our Family's Journey

Strategic Hui Tong Suspension Bridge 惠通橋 over the Salween River
-- US Army 2-½ ton CCKW "Jimmy" cargo truck towing a Howitzer --
(US National Archives)

The Backdoor to China

Between 1937 and 1938, China built the Yunnan-Burma Road as a backdoor supply route during Second Sino-Japanese War. The Chinese government depended on this road to transport materiel through Britain's colonial possessions in Burma and India to Chungking in Central China. Supplies were transferred from ships docked at Burma's capital, Rangoon, to rail cars bound for Lashio. From the Lashio railhead, trucks transported the materiel over the Burma Road to Kunming in China's Southwestern Yunnan Province. The road became one of China's main lifelines after China lost sea-access along its Eastern and Southern coasts.

When full scale war broke out between China and Japan, my grandfather HONG Hock How was a professor of electrical engineering at National Sun Yat Sen University in Canton, and Japan was swiftly occupying much of coastal China. In June 1938, Hock How moved his wife, Tui Goon, and their children, Larry, Jack, Paul, and Lily, to Hong Kong, while his parents stayed behind in their family village.